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Contact Us

Phone: 713-348-4949

Fax: 713-348-5268


Mailing Address

6100 Main Street
Keck Hall 129 - MS 519 or Ryon Lab 204 - MS 318
Houston, Texas 77005

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  • We want to be connected with the community outside of Rice, too, so we look forward to having you!

  • If you are a prospective undergraduate student interested in a campus tour please contact Rice Undergraduate Admission.

  • If you are a graduate student interested in our program please contact the offices of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies


  • The best place for visitors to park is the North Annex Lot or the Founder's Court Lot.

  • Scheduled visitors to our department will be supplied with a parking validation to cover the cost of parking.

  • To learn more about parking contact Rice Parking.

Our People

Administrative Offices

Our civil and environmental engineering staff--Erica Harris, Liz Hutchinson, Caroline Leggett, and Andrea Torres--are located in Ryon Lab on the 2nd floor.

Faculty Offices

Our faculty is located in Ryon Lab, Keck Hall, and Lovett Hall, and soon in the new building.

Dr. Daniel Cohan

Ryon Lab 209

Dr. Doss-Gollin

Ryon Lab 215

Dr. Dueñas-Osorio

Ryon Lab 212

Dr. Erazo

Ryon Lab 216

Dr. Gong

Ryon Lab 214

Dr. Nagarajaiah

Ryon Lab 213

Dr. Padgett

Ryon Lab 208

Mr. Segner

Ryon Lab 210

Dr. Alvarez

Lovett Hall 205

Dr. Getachew

Lovett Hall 312

Dr. Li

Lovett Hall 314

Dr. Bedient

Keck Hall 116

Dr. Tomson

Keck Hall 120

Mr. Blackburn

Keck Hall 218


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